December 31 2016

2016 in review: Lauren’s bad role models, Alyssa’s lipstick and more

A silly group photo by Lauren Barlow
From left to right: Natalie Hochstatter (née Barlow) joins Alyssa, Lauren and Sarah Barlow in a group photo on IG. Does this look holy? Guys, would you marry a Barlow?

After I published my hour-long “BarlowGirl CCM false prophetesses” video on January 16, 2016, I got a lot of heat for it. One committed fan blasted me via tweets and DM. Another one blocked me without ever providing a valid explanation. Over the year, the ratings bar turned into a grey (YouTube) or red (third-party YT apps) lightsaber, so I’m told. One thing is clear: many people enjoy defending BarlowGirl (BG)… but at what cost?

For over two and a half years, from July 2013 to January 2016, I’ve put up with the Barlows and their mediocre behaviour without making a detailed public video rebuke. I’ve put up with their watered-down doctrine that either diminishes or nullifies the importance of Jesus in their lives. I’ve put up with the false accusations throughout that time: I supposedly annoyed them to no end, started filthy conversations (Barlows, shall we take a look at your playlists?), had malicious intentions behind my ministry work and so much more. I’ve put up with BarlowGirl’s family, fans and friends who repeatedly stuck up for the band, no matter how many times they were made aware of the many shortcomings that BG refused to rectify. One person even went as far as to mock the idea that it was inappropriate to enjoy a crooner’s songs about group sex, substance abuse and blasphemy. The frequent response from such people was to stop judging, to examine my own life, to take it easy when it comes to to the morals that BarlowGirl aggressively displayed throughout its career and so forth. Continue reading

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