April 13 2017

Christmas shopping with false prophetesses

I just came across this snippet and thought of sharing it on the website.

Fervent Records’ rock trio BarlowGirl and the Air 1 radio network have announced the winner of the contest that gave listeners the chance to win a trip for 4 to Chicago to site see and go Christmas shopping on the famous Michigan Avenue with BarlowGirl.

The winner and family’s trip also included some highlight experiences including visiting the Water Tower Place, seeing the city’s beautiful evening lights from the John Hancock Observatory, enjoying Chicago-style pizza, and sitting front row at BarlowGirl’s Apple Store performance.

The three-piece band played a special acoustic set at the Michigan Avenue Apple Store on Saturday, December 12 to kick off the Christmas season. BarlowGirl will be booking similar shows throughout 2010 allowing the band to share the stories behind their songs as well as engage with the audience through a Question and Answer session.

Of all the activities that BarlowGirl could do, the three sisters opt to partake in shopping for the pagan Christmas holiday! Being an Air 1 contest, it was only available in the United States. International fans need not apply. Adding insult to injury, Lauren Barlow does not care if those who don’t “speak American” wish to have her book Inspired by Tozer translated to their native language. Barlow would rather watch and praise a Lady Gaga concert!

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