August 7 2017

Sweet Revenge

This video uses Theora encoding. MPEG-4 playback is also available. Please click here for details.

In late 2009, the Deep Forgiveness devotional series was scheduled to launch with “award-winning artists from the major labels, as well as outstanding independent talents.” One of these artists was BarlowGirl. In the Deep trailer, there is stock footage of BarlowGirl in concert, followed by Alyssa Barlow wearing a purple coat and purity ring walking on the street alone. In the latter clip, her two sisters are nowhere in sight while she appears to be mouthing some words from “Sweet Revenge”: “’till you feel this pain too.” In the clip above, I preserve the original MPEG-4 video file while adding the “Sweet Revenge” audio. (If Theora is selected, it is re-encoded.)

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