February 16 2016

BarlowGirl’s 5 Minutes of Shame

I found Love & War to have a very limited vocabulary, so I did a word search in hopes of finding of finding the name of Jesus as well as 16 words associated with Him. Nevertheless, I was quite astonished at the results of my word search! These results can be found by watching my BarlowGirl’s 5 Minutes of Shame clip embedded above.

Here is the video description:

This video exposes BarlowGirl (Alyssa Barlow, Lauren Barlow and Rebecca Barlow aka. Becca Barlow). Also, how much money do CCM artists make throughout their career? According to Alyssa Barlow, “millions and millions”! BarlowGirl’s revenue exposed!

Keep seeking Jesus!

Portions of audio, photo and video used is under Fair Dealing law according to the Copyright Act of Canada. This educational news reporting video is posted online free of charge to discuss BarlowGirl and Victoria’s Secret.

The following are the 16 most used words in ”Love & War”!

  • 15 each: heart; life
  • 14: time
  • 11: love
  • 6: world
  • 5: day
  • 4 each: words + voice
  • 3 each: mind; song; sunshine; spirit; passion; night; fire; God

Note that the 15 occurrences of “heart” are as follows: 12 “heart”, 2 “hearts” and 1 “heartbeat”.

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