April 7 2016

Stop hollering at the Barlows!

Facepalm and Jigglypuff
These two characters sum up my reaction whenever someone, including the Barlows themselves, holler at BarlowGirl.
Today, I am planning a double digest because I am embracing what it means to be at peace with God. So many people do not have this peace because their sin is burdening them. It’s a sad sight to see because in the end, if they continue on the path they are currently following, they will miss out on eternal heavenly life. Verses like 1 Peter 3:15 completely reassure me that my salvation in Christ is definitively permanent.

Unfortunately, I believe that BarlowGirl does not have reassurance of their salvation, despite Alyssa Barlow claiming “When I go to heaven…” during a late 2009 concert. In February 2014, she was rocking out to “Locked Out of Heaven” by the perverted Bruno “Mars”. What kind of message does that send about how seriously one takes salvation in Christ? A very worrisome message, there’s no doubt about it.

When looking at some of the comments made on BarlowGirl’s photos and videos, I am noticing a lot of similarities to comments made on pornographic publications such as intimate apparel or even nude imagery. For example, the Oxford Dictionary of English defines “hottie” as “a sexually attractive person, especially a young woman.” This nevertheless causes little to no concern to the Barlow family, friends and fans, who will all use the word “hottie” or variants such as “hot” to describe some or all of the three sisters. Even the synonym “sm*xy”, clearly inspired by the vulgar word “s*xy”, gets used by fans… and BarlowGirl turns a blind eye. Simply looking a the thesaurus gives a very colourful imagery of why these words should not be used in a purity circle!

Now, is my goal to shame sexuality? No, not at all! As someone has shared with me on Twitter: “If God wasn’t romantic, He wouldn’t have inspired Solomon in his Song. Here’s why He is love. He loves!” Solomon was also tasked with the book of Proverbs, and Proverbs 5 through 7 are just some of the Bible’s many commands to purity. Looking specifically at Proverbs 5:18-19, we see a very vivid exchange that husbands are exhorted to have with their wives. That is the context, folks: not Alyssa Barlow, not Lauren Barlow, not Rebecca Barlow, not Beka Hardt… you are not to holler at these women, dear men, but only at a woman who is your wife. Now back to women: you are not to holler to anyone but a man who is your husband. I will restate this: the kind of obsession fans are having with BarlowGirl’s physical appearance doesn’t look much different from what one would find in a fashion show or porn convention. Some of this behaviour is encouraged by the Barlows’ glamourous photo shoots and Instagram posts, but mostly, it is fuelled by those who naively shower BG with likes and comments. Once this stops, and fans remember the words sung by the band in their top 5 radio hit “Mirror”, this unhealthy worldly beauty pageant will die down.

I am feeling much better these days because I no longer run to BarlowGirl to seek out biblical teachings. I run the the Cross of Christ. I turn to Him to learn the truth about what it means to be a Christian and to grow in His grace. I make Bible reading and prayer a daily part of my life. I have Christian friends who encourage me in the faith. I pray that these characteristics would also define BarlowGirl, their friends, their family and their fans. I’m planning a second blog post, focusing on the peace we can find in Christ alone and how to embrace His sound doctrine. Keep seeking Jesus! 🙂

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