December 19 2015


BarlowGirl encourages you to support Mercy Canada! Please visit if you are interested. Thank you very much!
Hey! This is BarlowGirl we have some great news! Mercy Canada is a ministry that we are partners with and they just opened their FIRST west coast home in Surrey, BC. Their home opened in 2008, completely debt-free. This is a major answer to prayer and we really wanted to share this praise with you.

There are still items that Mercy Canada needs to outfit their new home—and this is where you come in. What you all can do is click on the button below which will take you to their site where you will see a gift registry—just like if you were buying something for a friend’s wedding. Instead of a wedding, this time all of our BARLOWGIRL FANS are going to help outfit the Surrey home. They still need some things for the girls in the home and we cannot do this without your help.

Not only do they need items to complete their new home—but they need monetary donations as well. We love Mercy Canada and all that they do to help young women find freedom from very difficult issues. We are asking YOU to partner with us to serve Mercy Canada as they open up their doors to hurting young women to receive help free of charge. Thank you all so much for your help with this fun project!

Note from LABcrab, the webmaster: this is adapted from BarlowGirl’s official website in 2009, but in support of Mercy Canada (formerly Mercy Ministries of Canada). Although I am confident that Mercy Canada can be supported without hesitation, I cannot say the same for affiliates outside of Canada, including the American branch (Mercy Multiplied, formerly Mercy Ministries) that BarlowGirl supported. The rules and regulations for charities change between different jurisdictions, which is why I can only recommend the Canadian chapter at this time. If you wish to support Mercy Canada, please visit to learn more about the organization. Thank you for your time.