February 22 2018

Not Seen

I sit here watching the world go by
I sit here now watching the world go by
I want to fly I want to go
But no one round me seems to know

That we’re tied down
we’re meant to fly
and no one’s asking why
Father in heaven can you tell me
How to live life the way you planned
I know there’s a reason
That you made me
I know there’s much more

You said call unto me and I will tell you
great and mighty things that you do not know
for no eye has seen or ear has heard
The things which God prepared for those who love him

These are the song lyrics for “Not Seen” by BarlowGirl, an unreleased recording from 2003.

BarlowGirl published the lyrics to “Not Seen” on its website in 2003. The site had eight songs listed at the time, of which five made it on the band’s debut album, one (“Thoughts of You”) was included on Another Journal Entry, and two (“Not Seen” and “Waiting For You”) were unreleased.