February 22 2018

Waiting For You

All alone here, in this silence,
longing to hear you voice
I feel lost here, in these shadows
wanting you to be here with me now
I pray you’ll hear my prayers somehow
So I’m…

Waiting for you
Just to know you’re near is enough right now
I don’t need a sign
I’m just desperate for you

I will find you, in this silence
waiting just for me
Darkness fading, hope returning,
knowing you’ll never leave me here alone
This is all i need to know, so I’m…

(repeat chorus)

I need you. Can’t go without you
I love you. You complete me

(repeat chorus)

These are the song lyrics for “Waiting For You” by BarlowGirl, an unreleased recording from 2003.

BarlowGirl published the lyrics to “Waiting For You” on its website in 2003. The site had eight songs listed at the time, of which five made it on the band’s debut album, one (“Thoughts of You”) made it on Another Journal Entry, and two (“Not Seen” and “Waiting For You”) were unreleased.