April 26 2016

Aurora review available soon!

Aurora albumDid you know that a Christian pop group composed of three sisters did exist a few years before BarlowGirl’s eponymous album was released? Yes, it was the group Aurora, who released two albums (the first in 2000 being eponymous and the second in 2001 being titled Bigger than Us) with Red Hill Records until its operations ceased in 2001. It’s the same record label that published the album Katy Hudson, which had less than 200 physical copies published. Therefore, I am led to believe that the Aurora album Aurora is also with rare availability. However, at the thrift store, I found a copy of the latter and I did not miss the opportunity to buy it! A review will soon be published.

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April 7 2016

Stop hollering at the Barlows!

Facepalm and Jigglypuff
These two characters sum up my reaction whenever someone, including the Barlows themselves, holler at BarlowGirl.
Today, I am planning a double digest because I am embracing what it means to be at peace with God. So many people do not have this peace because their sin is burdening them. It’s a sad sight to see because in the end, if they continue on the path they are currently following, they will miss out on eternal heavenly life. Verses like 1 Peter 3:15 completely reassure me that my salvation in Christ is definitively permanent.

Unfortunately, I believe that BarlowGirl does not have reassurance of their salvation, despite Alyssa Barlow claiming “When I go to heaven…” during a late 2009 concert. In February 2014, she was rocking out to “Locked Out of Heaven” by the perverted Bruno “Mars”. What kind of message does that send about how seriously one takes salvation in Christ? A very worrisome message, there’s no doubt about it.
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March 8 2016

Sex ed: my abstinence article

During the first decade of the new millennium, there was a band of three sisters that purportedly led a purity movement for youth in North America and beyond, more specifically for the teenagers and young adults. The sisters are BarlowGirl (BG), of course, and the purity organizations they have partnered with include Rock For Life (RFL) and True Love Waits (TLW). BG has been sponsored by TLW and that charity’s partner, LifeWay Christian Resources, to promote a “Takes The Town” tour. The sister band would perform rock concerts with songs they treated as purity anthems, like “Average Girl” in tour and “The Guy Song” post-tour, accompanied with sermonettes on how the trio and fans should wear purity rings and save sex for marriage.

Unfortunately, the TWL campaign has proven to have little effect for those who have taken it, at least prior to BG’s involvement. In 1999, a Yale and Columbia study found that 88% of teens who took the pledge broke it by having pre-marital sex prior to age 24. In 2003, another study reported a lower number of 82%, obtained by adding 60% engaging in vaginal sex with another 22% engaging in oral sex. A secular movie mocks purity when a girl in an outtake proclaims: “B***jobs don’t count!” Many Disney stars such as the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez have also likewise worn purity rings. Of these seven people, though, only Kevin Jonas honoured his pledge by marrying Danielle Deleasa in 2009.
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