August 7 2017

Sweet Revenge

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In late 2009, the Deep Forgiveness devotional series was scheduled to launch with “award-winning artists from the major labels, as well as outstanding independent talents.” One of these artists was BarlowGirl. In the Deep trailer, there is stock footage of BarlowGirl in concert, followed by Alyssa Barlow wearing a purple coat and purity ring walking on the street alone. In the latter clip, her two sisters are nowhere in sight while she appears to be mouthing some words from “Sweet Revenge”: “’till you feel this pain too.” In the clip above, I preserve the original MPEG-4 video file while adding the “Sweet Revenge” audio. (If Theora is selected, it is re-encoded.)

Given that almost no information on Deep Forgiveness is available, I ordered a copy. Deep itself was just under CA$5, but shipping arrangements to Canada were very expensive in comparison. To my disappointment, Deep showed no traces of BarlowGirl. The music video and even the song itself is absent from all four discs, and the documentation inside only mentions Holly Starr and A City Alive, not BarlowGirl or any signed (non-independent) artist. In fact, only one music video is included in the series: “I Love You Anyway” by Holly Starr, preserved in high quality, anamorphic widescreen 480p with an acoustic track sung at a lower pitch than Starr’s music video online.

The Holly Starr music video is perhaps the series’ strongest point, as the rest of the content is largely a disappointment. Although there are four discs, each with an hour-long session, more than half of the session time consists of filler. On disc two, two 15-minute breaks are actually hardcoded in the video, simply putting a slide with a challenge. This is repeated for a 10-minute prayer break, leaving the disc with only about twenty minutes of content: five by Holly Starr, fifteen by the pastor. The DVD also includes segments common to all four discs: 21 minutes of audio-only music, 5½ minutes of a “Why Deep?” introduction and 4 minutes for a ministry promo.

Why was BarlowGirl left out of the Deep Forgiveness series? The world may never know. “Sweet Revenge” is the second music video from How Can We Be Silent to be cancelled, the first being set to an unknown song (likely different from “Sweet Revenge”) and planned for the album’s July 24, 2007 release. More information will be posted later. Other than the 3.2-second clip posted above, the “Sweet Revenge” music video is considered lost. Hopefully it can be found one day.

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