February 19 2016


Here is an assortment of videos about BarlowGirl.

Barlow Girls

This is a song by the crossover band Superchick. Please notice how this song doesn’t mention Jesus or even God. It’s all about the three sisters of BarlowGirl! Some lyrics like “No girl should feel she has to trade / her body for love or be an old maid” now seem strange in retrospective, given BarlowGirl’s poor moral choices like taking many selfies.

Barlow Girls (Space Monkey Lab mix)

This is an official remix by the crossover band Superchick. The video is the same as above, for only the audio track is edited to feature the remix instead. I find this one slightly more pleasing to listen to. The sound reminds me of Jackson 5 music like “I Want You Back” or “ABC”.

BarlowGirl versus Victoria’s Secret

This three-minute documentary by LABcrab is on our site can be watched on its dedicated page.